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The Economy In The Economy

Why complain about life If you are looking for good fish And have followed some idiot Into the middle of the copper market? –Hafiz Tiki died the day before Thanksgiving. She was my housekeeper. She and her team of Hispanic ladies … Continue reading

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Investing in Innovation

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“Is it a new idea, or is it just new  to me?” The pertinent question He’s been a trader at a bank for a number of years, but he obviously still needs some seasoning. “I can’t see not owning Apple,” … Continue reading

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The Trader’s Journey

The trader who becomes successful does so by finding his own way. The most important knowledge for a trader is knowledge of self. There are many good trading systems, but if a thousand traders succeed by using one system, they … Continue reading

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Emotional Discipline for Traders

It’s a great business, one you figure out what you want to do —Dick Diamond I understood everything about trading but I could not be profitable until I gained emotional discipline. The ability to execute a trading plan consistently is … Continue reading

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