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Mood Trumps Trump

Did you know that stars only look brilliant because we tell them to? That clouds are the sky’s way of hiding the shame of its accent? —Ray McManus You read the news, carefully, I hope. I stare at charts to … Continue reading

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On This Holy Week

A Sweet Lady Departs Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at 6:50 pm Mary Constance Commagere Roth passed away after a short illness. Her legacy was to bring Maridel, David, Jack and Martha into the world and to be the nurturing influence that made them marvelous people and wonderful parents. One couldn’t ask … Continue reading

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High Confidence, High Risk

Sauve qui peut! I used to read The Economist Magazine. Great reporting, written in prose that brought out the Anglophile in me, made me feel smart. Too bad it didn’t help me with what I most wanted, which was to know … Continue reading

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