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Data Fitting: A Scurillous Practice

Buy some good stock, if it goes up, sell it. If it don’t go up,don’t buy it —Will Rogers An international brokerage firm with hundreds of thousands of fee paying clients is out with its quarterly report. The headline for the report … Continue reading

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A Moment of Great Significance

They came to The Netherlands in the fifteenth century. They were Sephardic Jews fleeing the horrors of the Inquisition in Spain, their homeland. They were welcomed as undocumented immigrants. They were excellent traders and merchants and, by the early 1600s, … Continue reading

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Socionomics: The Post-Election Outlook

Does anybody imagine that, come Tuesday, it’ll all be over? Would that such were the case, no matter who is elected president. Conventional forms of analysis and forecasting the major trends in politics, the economy and the markets start with … Continue reading

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