End Times

People are not voting for Trump (or Sanders).
People are just voting,  finally,  
to destroy
the establishment

—N.N. Taleb

To put the matter in understated terms: in the past thirty years, the Establishment, composed of journos, BS-vending talking heads, bureaurocrato-cronies, lobbyists, Washington rent-seekers and Wall Street robber barons have assiduously aggregated the nation’s wealth for themselves through a greedy disenfranchisement of the middle class.

Feeling screwed by the system, some are disappointed, some puzzled about what do and who to vote for in this election cycle. Then there is a coalition of the dispossessed, so far behind the eight-ball they know goddamn well what to do. Get ’em all the fuck outta here.

Fella sitting next to me at bible studies the other morning said, “Tell you what I am NOT going to do, I am NOT going to vote for a POLITICIAN!”

Comes a point, individuals are so hopelessly enraged that the unthinkable becomes the order of the day.

Gonna be a hot summer. Violence is already a part of Trump’s campaign. Many of his followers are goons. On the other side, anti-Trump groups are promising to be just as violent.

Meanwhile, the stock market has come into the zone where the Wave Principle has two near term forecasts: a short sharp drop to be followed by an advance into a new high which will be the ultimate top, or a crash now, beginning the worst part of the bear market. In either case it will soon be all down, all time, joining an already rapidly faltering economy. The pressure for change stands to be extreme by summer.

Cleveland will be the place to avoid during  the Republican National Convention in July. I’m thinking we’ll be OK. We’ll be a thousand miles away at the beach in St. Augustine. What could happen? Piranhas?



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