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The Revolution Imperative

The unique species of historical event we call a revolution occurs when everything changes at once –Michael Holquist Here comes everybody –James Joyce Lets see, what do we hate today? Institutionalized sleaze in government via lobbying and campaign finance? Corruption in the corporate … Continue reading

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“Move along, nothing to see here”

“Eventually, the final refuge of speculation is to abandon historically reliable measures wholesale, resting faith instead on the advent of some new era in which the old rules simply don’t apply…” —John Hussman In her New York Times article this week, Suzy … Continue reading

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On Troublesome Debt

“How did you go bankrupt? “Two ways. Gradually, then all of a sudden.” —Hemingway, The Sun also rises Not long ago, anthropologist David Graeber was moved to write 260,000 words on debt* after a twenty minute conversation with a lady at a cocktail … Continue reading

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The Truth Problem

Since Plato, Western thought and the theory of knowledge have focused on the notions of True-False; as commendable as it was, it is high time to shift the concern to Robust-Fragile, and social epistemology to the more serious  problem of … Continue reading

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A wise Man’s Thoughts

The Trader An essay from In Our Time (1977), a book by Eric Hoffer. Posted with permission from Hopewell Publications It seems strange we know so little of the history of the trader. The trader preceded the cultivator and the herder, … Continue reading

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