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The Bubble Of The Sociopaths

…Or the brightness in the memory of the failed hotel where the waiters in their immaculate white uniforms were barefoot… —Gilbert Spring of 2000 looked for all the world to me like the popping of a huge stock market bubble, an overdue event that had … Continue reading

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All About Me

Here’s the elevator version: I was born in Tokyo, Japan, then went to live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, then Lima, Peru and then Montevideo, Uruguay, all before I was ten. At thirteen, I was sent to boarding school in San Marcos, Texas, where … Continue reading

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Going Big or Going Broke?

It was Saturday morning, and lunch for my wife, four kids, and me was the issue. The answer was McDonald’s. Fast, cheap and reasonably good (I liked the fries). Six burgers, six orders of fries, please, for which I gave the … Continue reading

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  To all but their colleagues, traders can sound unintelligible when shouting across the trading floor. “How’s Apple?” one yells. “Crowded trade,” comes the shout from the other side of the floor. Sounds like crowded train-a good fit because a crowded … Continue reading

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Primer On Stock Buying

Dear Nathan, You’d like me to help you pick a stock, and I will. But first, let me tell you what I think buying stock is about. A share of stock in a public company is like a boat. It’s … Continue reading

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