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Out of Left Field

 For every subtle and complicated question, there is a perfectly simple and straightforward answer, which is wrong —H.L. Mencken Cindy and I did our best. We tried to do our part to consume our fair share of gasoline to keep the only … Continue reading

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Wanted: Uncommon Sense

We must learn to differentiate clearly the fundamentally important, that which is really basic, from that which is dispensable, and turn aside from everything else,  from the multitude of things that clutter up the mind and divert it from the … Continue reading

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Shell Game

Nasrudin stood up in the marketplace and started to address the throng. “O my people! Do all of you really want knowledge without difficulty, truth without falsehood, great attainment without effort, progress without sacrifice?” Very soon a very large crowd … Continue reading

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The Market

Dow Jones Industrial Average My friend says, “Jeeminy, Rod, the market is crazy! Two hundred points up or down every day. What do you make of it?” Topping action, is what I make of it. Start with the economic reports. … Continue reading

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