Mox Nixie (Pig Latin for what’s the difference?)

Let me get this off my chest before I go vote. My neighborhood is one long line of Romney advocates, if the multiple signs on their lawns mean anything. I don’t get into it with them, because, what’s the use? They might be right.

I can’t ever remember a more difficult time for being a moderate. Years ago, the Democrat party became the home of the radical left wing, so remaining in the Eisenhower Republican mode was no problem. But, when the oil lobby, then Wall street, and, finally, right wing extremists in the Rush Limbaugh style took the Republican party hostage, it was time for me to make a change, so I voted for Barack Obama.

I still like the guy, but he did not put Wall Street criminals in jail, so he left the worst elements in our economic system free to continue ripping off their customers and the system as a whole. They are still at it. In spades.

Now, do I consider Mitt Romney a reasonable alternative? How can I, when Bain Capital is a firm whose business is to do leverage buyouts? If you understand this business, you understand that it is the most predatory business in entire financial industry. They buy crummy companies with a small amount of their own capital and a lot of borrowed money, take big fees up front, dress up the balance sheet by selling off anything worthwhile in the company, sell the “improved” company off for a very big return on their minimal capital investment, and leave the new owners to founder under the debt load with a barely functioning enterprise which ultimately goes under.

I have family members who have  met him and say that he’s very personable. Well, great, but why is he so loose with the truth? Fact checkers have had a field day with his misstatements, whether they were intended or not. And, as for the Republican party, if anything, extemist whackos have an even firmer grip than four years ago.

Socionomists hold that Romney will win if the market is down big between now and November. Romney has said that he wants to dismantle the Dodd-Frank Act, which means that Wall Street gets another pass if he wins.

If he does win, my neighbors will be happy now, but given the outlook for the market over the next four years, they are going to rue the day they first heard his name.

Personally, I’m hoping Alfred E. Neuman is on the ballot.

Alfred E. Neuman





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