On the Possibilities Ahead

You may find this hard to believe, but my work in the markets continues to point to a resumption in short order of the Grand Supercycle Bear Market.

That said, I’ve been trying like mad to get the following presentation of futurist/digital-age thinker Andrew McAfee embedded in this post so that you could view it from this platform.

Well, I haven’t sorted out the supposedly easy way to do it, so I’m resorting to the primitive method of asking you to click on the link, which takes you over to YouTube and a 17 minute viewing of what is likely to happen to employment during the remaining down phase and, more importantly, what factors McAfee believes will, in time, drive an economic recovery to unimaginable heights of global prosperity.

I’m an excitable guy, and maybe I’m going with hyperbole here, but this is a very cool video:




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