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Good is the Enema of Great

You will cavil over my crude parody of Jim Collins’ dictum, “good is the enemy of great,”  from his bestseller, Good to Great, but gimme a minute. Collins recounted eleven wonderful stories in the book. The stories were about eleven companies who, faced with severe operating difficulties, made radical changes that transformed them from mediocre businesses into … Continue reading

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The Relevance of Relative Strength

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“It’s all in the maps, kid,” he said. The crusty old veteran broker was my mentor during my training at a small office in downtown Manhattan at 44 Broad St., half block from the Exchange. But,I wondered. The maps, as … Continue reading

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Meditation on Value Investing

In the bathsteam summer of the depression year 1934, Philippe Edoard Boudreaux, Jr. was eleven and his Daddy was laid off from his job clerking at the New Orleans Cotton Exchange. Seeing an ad for a pet store helper in … Continue reading

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Abominably Bad Advice

American investors are about to discover how badly they are being advised by the financial services industry. I have just surveyed the various brokerage firms I routinely check to find out what they recommend. Without exception, they recommend holding stocks … Continue reading

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Faux Bears

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Fools rush in I hadn’t seen Carl in ten years. First thing he did was grill me about was my investment position. “You’re up to your eyebrows in gold, right?” he queried. “No.” “I’ve been in index funds, but I’m ready to switch to … Continue reading

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On Social Mood and Uncertainty

All my mistakes have become masterpieces                          —Tarira My son-in-law runs a twenty million dollar company in his shower shoes. OK, they’re leather flip-flops, same difference.  I don’t think he’s worn socks since his wedding day some seven years ago. … Continue reading

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